Pythia Consulting
Pythia Consulting

Pythia Consulting is a team of Data Science experts specialized in Big Data, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Web Scraping.

We provide advice to give a 4.0 approach to companies and organizations activity and help them take advantage of their data and automate decision making in real time. We design and develop tailor-made solutions adapted to business needs making it an easier transition to the new digital era, Data Science.

  • Business Advice

    We study the details of your business and provide advice about how to maximize its revenue by using Data Science.

  • Analysis and Solution Design

    We analyze specific business problems and indicate the optimal way to use the technology in order to solve them.

  • Data Science

    We analyze your business data and apply the latest Big Data and Machine Learning technologies to obtain the most out of it.

  • Development

    We develop anything needed to use the Data Science solutions in the right context, from Web Scraping to APIs and websites.


Big Data

Massive Data management and exploiting technologies that can handle virtually any amount of data. "Too much data" is now an outdated concept.

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Applied Statistics combined to automate real time critical business decisions making.

Natural Language Processing

Machine Learning tools able to process user generated content and convert otherwise impossible to process data into useful structured information.

Web Scraping

If it can be seen in a website it can be downloaded. These tools automate the collection of any data that is publicly available on the Internet.


Boost your online tourism business with smarter prices and marketing optimizations.


Introduce Data Science into your financial strategies to maximize their revenue.


Improve your legal management with tools such as smart contracts and automated jurisprudence discovery.


Improve your client satisfaction and loyalty with an intelligent user experience.

Internet of Things

Manage and visualize your IoT data smartly to make it as profitable as possible.

Market Analysis

Find out the market needs in order to provide a better service to your clients.


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